Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The glass is always half full

Life has taught me that attitude is the key to winning. Some people are perplexed by my Pollyanna attitude, but I have come to realize that winning is a self-fulfilling prophecy. if you think like a winner, you will win in the end. It may take time, but it will happen. I keep a healthy dose of optimism in my purse at all times, which I take right after my daily pill of realism. Seems like that optimism endears me to people and they like to hang around me.
Trust me, it isn't easy and with everything I have gone through, I am amazed at how strong I have been to survive without resorting to therapy, drugs or alcohol. Thank you to my mom, dad and those Catholic nuns at Good Shepherd Convent for inspiring me.
So, when life gets you down, remember the song from "Life of Brian" - ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE!

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