Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woman of Many Hats

When I was very young, my sister used to work at a textile store that had a tailor and a milliner on premises. She got along very well with the tailor and milliner and very often they offered to make me dresses and hats with the material left over from their jobs. As not many kids my age wore the sophisticated and artsy hats that the milliner made me, I felt self conscious about wearing them.

As I grew up and studied drama, I learned that costumes are so important in character portrayal and that hats denote so much about a character - about occupation, personality and status.

Today I wear many hats - career woman, mother, wife, friend, counselor, aunt, sister. Each hat comes with its set of responsibilities, but I cannot always compartmentalize my time, so I have to juggle the hats and responsibilities.

Looking back I see that I had the right type of head for hats. I am definitely a hat person!

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