Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Hairy Tale

Yeah, yeah, I know what they say. One's hair is one's crowning glory. Thank God, I have great hair - it is effortless to style. I am a wash and go kind of gal. The flip side of that is my hair grows so fast. So, I have to cut it often and color it often because every two weeks, there's almost 1/2" of roots showing.

Which brings me to my next point. It is a hairy time out there on the job front. What it takes to survive in this market is tenacity. Being a seasoned marketer, I am a veteran of ups and downs in the economy and in the job market because marketing seems to bear the brunt of all the hard times. Being thrown in the deep end many times, I have learned to swim. I have gained skills in all aspects of marketing - creative, analytics, project management, vendor negotiation, budget management, lead generation, social media ... you get the picture.

As I am in the unfortunate position of looking for work myself, I remain hopeful that it is my ability to succeed in tenuous times that will be one of my strongest assets in landing the right job. I don't freak out at the slightest wave ... in my youth, I have been in 20' high waves in Sri Lanka. So, figurative waves don't scare me either. My well-honed sense of humor helps me weather the worst Tsunami.

This too shall pass. I know it. Been there, done that.

P.S. I did get a haircut in anticipation of interviews.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A "Love Child"

In the summer of 2006, there was a magical meeting of a persnickety custom home builder, an accomplished marketer and a renowned residential designer. They had each reached career highs and were brought together to create a masterpiece.

Two years later, the birth of a unique custom home in Henderson, NV is the culmination of that perfect union. This home, built in the style of a Palazzo is fit for an emperor or empress. The eye for detail and quality is not lost on anyone who walks through the huge archways into large, yet comfortable living spaces enveloped on all sides with the finest granite countertops, cherry and maple cabinetry and luxurious fixtures and appliances. Corinthian pillars stand guard inside and outside - inviting guests to indulge their senses. (click here for virtual tour

Whatever your interests are, you will find it catered to in this gorgeous home. The well-equipped kitchen with the latest quality appliances will bring out your inner chef. The focal point of the main living areas is the warm tuscan style kitchen overlooking the breakfast area and the extra spacious living room and wet bar. You can also have an eye on the backyard kitchen and pool and spa. This home has character, style and a sense of harmony with positive energy flow.

The office/library has a private entrance and the foyer leads to the grand dining room on one side and the living room on the other. The solid granite staircase is wrapped by a wrought-iron railing with bronze patina accents. The pool room, media room and 4 bedroom suites will not disappoint you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Selling Luxury Homes in a "Google" era

The advent of web 2.0 has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. I have become such a social media addict that I feel out of it if I don't check blogs, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and a bunch of other social media sites.

Which brings me to my point ... even luxury homes are now being sought and bought through online research. Luxury home sellers have to adapt marketing savvy to make sure their listing gets noticed amidst the "noise."

I am grateful to my training and experience in marketing as I collaborate with my agent, Harriet Christensen, Keller Williams Marketplace, Henderson, NV to sell my home. I wrote the script for the video that is on YouTube and am working on other online activities to promote a quick sale. (click here for video

After all, marketing is about knowing your audience, understanding their needs and tailoring your message to elicit a desired response. I remain confident that the right buyer is out there and will appreciate the beauty and detail that has gone into this unique masterpiece.

Bailouts and Fallouts

Everyone I meet tells me we are in a recession. As if the 24/7 media has not pounded it into me. And, for the record, I believe the media has actually played a major role in deepening it. I haven't felt much like writing lately because I have had a hard time trying to write something what would have a positive tinge to it.

I recently ran into an old friend and we chatted incessantly about the economic turmoil and what it has done to corporate America. Our conversation inspired me and I couldn't hold back any more. "Megan" told me that she quit her job because she could not stand the backstabbing and power plays that were going on in her office. She told me that her boss had become so power hungry that he was rewarding those who were feeding his ego and because she did not do it, she was constantly being harassed. She finally decided she had had enough and that her soul was not for sale and she quit without a safety net.

I admired her for standing up for her principles. I could relate. I pondered over this for a while and I realized that to live life involves taking risks. Faith is not faith until it is tested. I am soon going to be a "pen for hire."

Keeping up to date with the bailout plan, I see the fallout of the lack of corporate governance and fiscal irresponsibility of some marquis names. I have mixed feelings about government intervention. I want the plan to help resuscitate job creation and the entrepreneurial spirit of America. What I don't want is to see "stuffing" it with appeasement dollars for the fat cats.

Despite it all, I am still hopeful that good times are ahead. I know my faith will be rewarded and that I will be able to use my "penmanship" to make me a living.