Saturday, February 7, 2009

Selling Luxury Homes in a "Google" era

The advent of web 2.0 has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. I have become such a social media addict that I feel out of it if I don't check blogs, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and a bunch of other social media sites.

Which brings me to my point ... even luxury homes are now being sought and bought through online research. Luxury home sellers have to adapt marketing savvy to make sure their listing gets noticed amidst the "noise."

I am grateful to my training and experience in marketing as I collaborate with my agent, Harriet Christensen, Keller Williams Marketplace, Henderson, NV to sell my home. I wrote the script for the video that is on YouTube and am working on other online activities to promote a quick sale. (click here for video

After all, marketing is about knowing your audience, understanding their needs and tailoring your message to elicit a desired response. I remain confident that the right buyer is out there and will appreciate the beauty and detail that has gone into this unique masterpiece.

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