Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life lessons from the Rolling Stones

In 1965, the Rolling Stones took America by storm with lyrics by Mick Jagger and an unforgettable riff by guitarist Keith Richards. Their song "Satisfaction" became an anthem to millions.

Many generations grew up influenced by the music of the Rolling Stones. Here we are 40 years after they first emerged, still fascinated with the group that brought a certain decadence and a certain elegance to rock and roll. As someone described them, they are a "sort of a combo platter of the two that people can't get enough of."

With a combination of blues and rock, coupled with Mick's legendary swagger and defiant attitude, the Stones sent a message to America's youth during the '60s and '70s.

Some think the Stones were a social force, not just a musical force and they were selling a form of rebellion, a form of reckless abandon, a form of freedom. Yet, if you examine the lyrics closely, you will see that there are life lessons to be learned and habits you can adopt from the pearls of wisdom from Mick and Keith.

Laugh all you want, but early on in their career, the Stones figured out that "hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste." The prodigiously productive career of 40+ years is ample proof.

"Satisfaction" - is an ode to setting realistic goals.
"Sitting on a fence" - a warning against procrastination
"Wild horses couldn't drag me away" - a primer on laser focus on something.
"Beast of Burden" - delegate to be effective or discard the things that are bringing you down
"Yesterday's Papers" - regrets are for losers. Don't dwell on past mistakes, learn from them and move on.
"You can't always get what you want" - you always get what you need.

For the cynics out there who are thinking "it's only rock and roll" - I respond, "Time is on my side" and yours too ... just manage it wisely! After all, Mick ain't nobody's fool - he studied economics.

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