Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Red Stilettos

Forrest Gump said, "You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Where they've been ..."

I define myself by my red stilettos. They are stylish without being over the top. I follow trends as they apply to me, I am not a slave to fashion. This applies also to my work as a marketer - I apply trends that work for my company's situation without desperately trying to fit trends to our style.

The heel is high while yet being comfortable to walk on - demonstrating that I am sensible with my aspirations. Setting goals that can be achieved without leaving me disappointed. After I have walked a mile in them, I can walk two miles and so on.

The toe is a round point - denoting that I am more accommodating of others than always trying to push my way. People eventually come around to my way of thinking.

My shoe is a mix of patent and suede - showing that as a marketer I mix healthy parts of creativity and analytics for the best results. My creativity is always tempered by analysis and I am creative when evaluating results of marketing efforts.

Red - the color of passion and confidence. I am driven in everything I dedicate my time to and my enthusiasm is infectious. I am confident in my abilities to succeed at whatever I put my mind to accomplish. Yet, I am not cocky or arrogant because the shoe I picked is a pump and not a sandal. My dad taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing well. I try to honor his departed memory with that dedication of purpose.

Versatility - the red stiletto I picked will work with any outfit - jeans, dress, shorts or skirt. This means I am versatile enough to fit in any environment whether it is a large corporate, start-up or small to mid-size enterprise.

My stiletto has a little red bow - indicating I have an eye for detail. My projects get wrapped up with the red bow for completion.

A red stiletto needs a good leg to carry it off. I must admit, I am blessed with the right legs!

My shoes have carried me far. I've learned from every experience in my career. I've taken good care of my red stilettos - polished and cleaned them. My red stilettos still look good enough to carry me for many years as long as my legs can walk in them.

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